Thursday, 8 December 2016

During the Interlude

During the time Ive been ill we have managed a few bits and pieces although the kids have been largely self-sufficient.
Cute Kitty Picts - these guys are doing so well now!

 Advent - beginning reading our advent story book.
Some creative making at Craft Club
Some slow-schooling. Watching How Its Made, and building with Duplo
 A brief stint of winter weather to aid festivities..

 A brief trip to the allotment to check out our plot.
 Some home ed prep ready to hopefully do some schoolwork.
 We did finally get our tree up, ten days late.
 A home ed trip to our local garden centre.

 Finally getting to do a little home ed.

 A little first riding lesson for the children.

 Some 'reading' in the tub. LOL
 A concoction, and some schoolwork

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Unexpected Path of Slow

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." John Lennon

It felt appropriate to start this post with a quote because certainly this last few weeks has been something of  an unscripted time and, as usual, just when you think you have all your plans in place and are ahead of the game you get dealt quite a blow.

So we left off with our random spur of the moment decision to rejig the conservatory. All was well and good on the Sunday with us making slow progress (deliberately, as I didnt want to feel rushed) but still some headway towards the move around. DH did the initial bit of painting the far wall, fixing the unit and putting up shelves. I spent the evening filling the cupboards and shelves. So far so good.

On the back of all the migraines on Monday I felt a bit woozy and light headed. It was a funny old day anyway because there was A LOT of rain. So much! I lift shared with a friend as we were taking our respective five year olds to a new craft club and we'd never been before so decided to go together in her car to give each other a helping hand as we learnt the direction. The journey was a bit precarious due to the rain and we got lost. I really felt a bit 'not-quite-right' but non-specific. Once we got back and I had a cuppa I went home and did some house work and then felt a bit knackered so I dozed off for a bit. I woke and fetched Hannah from Preschool and J was picking up Lucas and her daughter as they needed collecting at the same time. It was a bit hazardous for her by all accounts as there was a lot of localised flooding due to the weather, and it took her a while to get back to us. By the time she did I was feeling definitely unwell. By the time Id gotten the kids to bed  I was feeling awful. I checked my temperature which  was 102 degrees so I took myself off to bed. A quick check on facebook revealed that the friend who Id fallen out with last week had sent me a message if we were still ok. I was too ill to work through it but having made heartfelt, overly passionate accusations about Seb, then changed her story and back-peddled I didnt feel we could carry on normally without some sort of conversation. I decided to shelf it for the time being.

Suffice to say, Tuesday I woke up still feeling really quite awful with a temperature of around 100 and snottiness, sore throat etc and it didnt improve all day. I spent most of it sleeping in between dragging myself to preschool to drop off Hannah and a little burst of painting in the conservatory and moving a small cupboard. DH did the gym run too and another early night. Wednesday I wasn't feeling much better; completely achey, struggled to move. First thing I soldiered on and painted just a small bit more and then I discovered an old second hand wooden desk in the bottom room was completely riddled with mould when I lifted off the table cloth and a puff of mould spores floated into the air. I could have done without it as I really didnt have the energy but DH sent one of his guys around to hack it to pieces and take it away. Once done I disinfected everything and then headed back to the sofa where I stayed. Oldest dd came and took Lucas to his music lesson but otherwise I did nothing.
In the evening I decided to message my friend as I knew I would see her the next day and it would be awkward so I wanted to at least message her. Nothing fancy, just saying not sure if we were 'ok' but I was feeling lousy so we should chat properly once I was better. That was a mistake. I opened up a whole new can of worms with her reacting with a tirade of accusations, criticism and general nastiness. Including the suggestion that she had had a heart attack because of all the stress. Well I was mortified at that implication but she hadnt been in hospital, or received meds. This isnt the first time Id heard this from her and wondered how that could be without her seeking medical attention. Having known friends who have dealt with narcissistic personalities I began to wonder what I was dealing with and my bull**** tolerance level just disappeared. I messaged her to and fro but my gut was telling me to leave it.

Thursday with the stress of the conversation previously along with feeling ever worse with whatever was wrong with me just wiped me out. I did the preschool run, sat awkwardly through gym which was tense with the friend there ignoring me whilst her husband death-stared me the whole time. Id tried to get a doctors appointment but was told to try again in the morning as their spaces were full. Then home and in bed by 8pm again. My cough and blocked nose and achiness was worse then ever.

Friday I was so poorly that apart from nipping out super early to buy a sink, I phoned first thing for an appointment at the doctors again but was once again told that their appointments were all gone (in under three minutes??? Hmmmmm) so I laid under a blanket the whole day with headphones on to block the noise and couldnt move. It was getting crazy and my temperature was running at 102 so first thing Saturday morning I hauled my butt to the walk in clinic where they diagnosed Flu, chest infection and ear infection and handed me a nice hefty dose of antibiotics. I had driven myself with the intention of going to my Slimming World group after but when I walked in the I couldnt manage and one of the lovely guys there had to drive me home. From there I went straight to bed and thats where I stayed the whole weekend and Monday and Tuesday too with DH and my friend J doing various childcare, ferrying kids etc. I did try on Monday to do some printing but the printer just kept misbehaving so took it as a sign and went back to bed. Hannah came home from preschool with a temperature so spent Monday afternoon sleeping with me and had Tuesday off.
Wednesday I was beginning to feel ever so slightly better as long as I moved slowly and did littl but with Hannah ill too we were both unable to do much and Lucas had to miss Music too.
Thursday I began to feel a little bit low knowing that my Advent and Christmas activity plans hadn't really come to fruition with all the illness. I drove for the first time Thursday and started to sort out the conservatory. Hannah's Temperature was better so she did go to preschool and then we did the gym run but I soon discovered I was still not that well.  And then we reached Friday again and obviously Hannah going to preschool on the Thursday had really set her back and she was awake most of Thursday night so Friday she was pretty low and I was not my best either as well as still feeling poorly.
We took Hannah to the walk in clinic Friday night (couldnt get an appointment with our surgery again) and it turned out she has tonsilitis so antibiotics for her and back home to early bed.

Friday night dh was ill too but I believe his was stress related. He had recently been caught out with a banking scam and his business banking was hacked for £8500!!! The bank had decided not to give the money back because he had been duped into giving out a passcode number. This meant no money to pay suppliers and them freezing his accounts. Cue emergency meeting with the accountant and the decision to lay off one of his staff and sell some stock. As well as having to really push extra hard to finish a couple of cash paid jobs so he could pay some of his suppliers, He had to lay off the employee on the weekend. I think the stress and pressure of having to deal with all this awful stuff did something to his immune system. Once the employee was laid off he began to feel better in himself even though the stress of his work situation is still plaguing him.

The weekend was generally quiet with us doing a few little jobs, finally getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic and that was about it. This evening 14 days of illness later and Hannah is improving slightly at last. I am still not right with a cough and snot but at least each day I am better than the last. Lets hope I can salvage the rest of the season.

Im really doing my best to get past feeling cross about how Christmas plans have been ruined and to look for positives. I have been working out for a long time how to slow down and its seemed impossible. Now suddenly Ive had to slow down and maybe its a blessing in disguise.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Headaches and Homeschool

Id hoped to blog more this week but I had two migraines this week too that really wiped me out. Monday there was no forest school so Lucas and I did our operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. We followed this with some TV. Once again started well but Migraine had hold of me by lunchtime. I should go back to the doctor but my last one was rubbish and gave me Migraleve....which makes me sick due to the codeine in it. There may be new drugs now, but four years back I was told take Migraleve or suffer as thats all there was. So I suffer!
Tuesday (completely Headache free) the kids did some skating. Both did really well, even attempting the non-carpet floor, which was mostly successful
 Then lucas did a little work whilst Hannah was at preschool.
 Wednesday the migraine returned. As a mild headache first and the kids actually played independently for a good hour whilst I got ready for farm club. Emma was feeling the pressure of a new job(local big retail firm) and work so she pulled a sicky to come too.
Farm club was good but the headache raged on the way home and traveling was tough. Then I had to go to my friends house and watch littles whilst she took big kids to music. Lucas seems to really enjoy music lessons and by all accounts seems to be picking up some bits and pieces.
 Thursday was a very productive day again. Lucas had a bee in his bonnet first thing, that he wanted to make a cafe again and chopped up fruit and yogurt to 'sell' to me.
 We stopped to read some books together and then he got out the duplo. Even after all this time duplo is still a big hit with the kids, even Seb and Emma get stuck in at times.
Next we got some worksheets and workbooks done, a quick lunch then off to fetch Hann'ah and off to gymnastics.
 Friday started well with both kids playing on their own without needing me. It was really lovely to see them so engrossed in their games.
 We had to be at a Forest school session with our home ed group for 9.30am. I cant say I felt much like it but we bundled up and off we went. It was FREEZING!! We mostly kept warm on the way to the camp but once we were still it was just too cold. The way back we had some cold and crying littlies, Hannah included. And then there was snow! Talk about facing the elements. A niggly headache started brewing with the wind blowing in my face but by the time I got home it was full blown migraine, After showers and soup I spent the rest of the day laying down in the dark.
 Saturday I was still not feeling great but I dragged myself out of bed and off to group to weigh in. It was a disappointing result on the scales and there is no obvious reason why it went so wrong. Hey Ho.... Couldn't stay to group as I had to get back to take Emma for her driving lesson and as DH was taking Hannah to her gymnastics lesson I had to take Lucas too. Whilst Emma was driving we went into Haynes for a little look at the cars. It was a warm way to waste an hour and Lucas liked looking around. On the way back we nipped in to see the tortoise Emma was house sitting for this weekend and then home for me to lay on the sofa again.
Sunday I was feeling better at last. We decided to do some redecorating in the conservatory which we had been meaning to do for a while.First thing I picked up Emma and dropped her off at work then picked up some paint. Back home and we got started. It may not be the best timing but actually Im glad to organise before school gets started again after Christmas. Whilst Lucas helps, Hannah decided to take apart several board games *rolls eyes*
We stopped for lunch and then more painting. It'll have to be done in stages due to all the juggling and moving around, so first stages done and we took a break. Some of us just crashed lol, Whilst Hannah and I discovered some jigsaw puzzles. And that was my week. Hoping for a better week.